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Welcome to the first World U17 Ultimate Summit in Ghent (BEL), July 17-20, 2023.

We invite U17 players to a 4-day fun and competetive international ultimate tourney in the heart of Europe. We also invite coaches and parents in our ambition to reach out with Ultimate to more players. All happening at the 2023 World U17 Ultimate Summit. 
The U17 Summit is open for mixed, open and women teams. Both national teams and club teams can enter, but national teams will primarily play other national teams.


Please note that the participants need to arrange for their own accommodation. We advice you to make reservation as soon as possible. 


The accommodation closest to the fields is the camping site Urban Garden (5-10 mins from the fields). Some hostels and  hotels are within 15 min walk to the fields. More are to be found in the center of the city, about 30 mins with public transport to the firlds. Public transportation is easily accessible in the centre of the city.  


We have suggested some accommodation below, but a lot more can be found at Visit Ghent tourism site


U17 players and coaches of the world: Welcome to the World U17 Ultimate Summit in Ghent, Belgium.

The World U17 Ultimate Summit has two legs: Play Ultimate and spread Ultimate.

The first leg is a fun and competitive international Ultimate tourney for U17 players – we welcome both national and club teams. The second leg is a series of clinics, talks and workshops held during the tourney with the objective to cooperate and find ways to grow Ultimate even further.
Ultimate is growing – especially youth ultimate. And the players want to play Ultimate. But the current structure doesn't allow for this. The Summit allows for players to meet, play competitive international ultimate – and have a lot of fun!

Allowing for U17 players to meet annually is an important step to create stability in the youth community. This tournamnet is easily accessible and held at a low cost for all participants. Allowing for U17 players to meet, play and have fun is the core of The Summit.

The second part of The Summit is to explore how we can cooperate to spread ultimate even further. Coaches, parents and key personnel in the youth community will have the opportunity to share ideas, experiences and problems. We will offer clinics and workshops. We will also introduce key partners and show successful concepts.

The The World U17 Ultimate Summit is held in Ghent, Belgium, July 17-20, 2023.

Registration is now open. Last day to register your team is February 28, 2023



Playing Ultimate is the center of the The World U17 Ultimate Summit. U17 players and teams from all over the world are invited to participate.  


  • 4-day international tourney.

  • Age: U17 (born 2007 or younger).

  • Divisions: Open, women and mixed.

  • 7-vs-7, full size fields.

  • Social events and party.

  • Games are shorter than EYUC, allowing for smaller squds.

  • All games are played on turf in order to avoid cancellation.

  • National and club teams are allowed to enter. National teams will primarily play other national teams.

Special features:

  • Live streaming of ALL games, ALL fields, ALL days.

  • Low cost and centrally located for accessability.

  • No over head fee or profit to organizers.

  • Arrive early and use the fields for preperation.



After a couple of hard years, the Ultimate community is in need of a restart. This is especially obvious in the younger age groups.

The ambition with The World U17 Ultimate Summit is to facilitate change in a positive direction, simply by working together and sharing our experiences. Let's join hands and spread Ultimate and Spirit of the Game to even more players!

In the center of this we find the coaches and volunteers working with youth development. The Summit will include content specificity aimed at :

  • Clinics, discussions and workshops exploring possibilities to grow and develop youth Ultimate in the future.

  • All games live streamed to be used for educational purposes after the tournamnet.

  • Case study: Ultimate as a tool for social and emotional learning in schools – making Ultimate relevant for PE teachers.

  • Introducing Elevate Ultimate as a strategic partner.


Date and adress:

Date: July 17-20, 2023

Address: Ghent, Belgium


Team Fee: EUR 300 per team.

Player Fee: EUR 20 per player.


Please note that the participants need to arrange for their own accommodation. We advice you to make reservation as soon as possible. 

The accommodation closest to the fields is the camping site Urban Garden (5-10 mins from the fields). Several hostels/hotels are within 15 min walk to the fields. Public transportation is easily accessible from the city centre to the fields.  

Some of our suggested accommodation are listed below:

CAMPING: Urban Gardens

Campsite next to the fields (5-10 min walk). Cheapest option and closest to the fields. 

HOSTEL: Sport hostel KRCG

Hostel near fields (15-20 min walk). Whole guesthouse, 32 persons, 25€/pp night. Contact for this accommodation.

HOSTEL: Treck Hostel

Hostel in the city.

Hotel: Europahotel

Hotel closest to the fields, 15-20 min walk.

More suggestions for accommodation can be found at Visit Ghent tourism site. 


Information on food packs will be updated, but expect normal price range and options. Our ambition is to make The Summit affordable for everyone, so no profit to the organizers.

Format, divisions, etc:

Format: 7-vs-7, full size fields.

Divisions: Open, Women, Mixed (min 6 teams/division).

Age group: U17 (born 2007 and younger).

Schedule: Shorter games than EYUC, allowing for smaller squads.

Surface: Turf, so no cancellation of games due to rain.

National and club teams:

Both national and club teams can enter The Summit.


Scheduling will primarily place national teams against other national teams. 


Registration is now open and closes on February 28, 2023. All teams who pre-registrere are given a spot in the U17 SUMMIT 2023. New registration are not automaticallt given a spot and mighy be put on a waiting list.

Register your team here


  • January 15: Last day to Pre-Register (non-binding)

  • January 20: Proper registration opens

  • February 28: Proper registration closes

  • March 1: Final team list presented

  • April 1: Payment of Team Fee

  • May 1: Payment of Player Fee and player options 

  • July 10: Final roster submitted

  • July 16: Practice fields available

  • July 17 @ 10.00: First round games

  • July 20 @ 18.00: Award ceremony

  • July 20 @ 20.00: Farewell party

Organization and contact Information:

The Summit is a cooperation between local Ghent club Gentle Torpedoes and the youth group of the Swedish Ultimate Federation (SUF).


For further information, please contact Karin Sundström at SUF:




No later than February 28, 2023.

Relive U17 international Ultimate with the mixed final, Italy vs. Hungary at EYUC 2022.




Swedish Ultimate Federation


Ultimate &
Disc Golf

Photo credits: Agnieszka Skorupka, Nadja Kappel, Quentin Dupré la Tour, Oliver Hülshorst and Carl Mardell.

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