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Let's restart ultimate!

STATEMENT (February 1, 2021)

Dear players, coaches and parents

The European Ultimate Federation (EUF) is proceeding with preperations for EYUC U20 to be held 17-24 of July 2021 in Malmö (Sweden).

By that, EYUC U20 will be the first main ultimate event in the world since the pandemic struck us in 2020. One of our objectives as organizes is to find a safe way to restart ultimate. The Corona virus will not go away. Ultimate will not be back to normal. Ultimate will have to find a new normal, and EYUC U20 will pioneer how we can start playing ultimate again.    

First and foremost – safety for all participants is our greatest concern.

Under current circumstances it is impossible to hold an international ultimate event. Drastic changes in the situation is required for the tournament to be realized.

Read more on our specific Conona-protocol further below in the text.

The only thing we as organizers and you as participants can do right now is to prepare for the possibility of the event to happen, plan for safety and security measures and wait for a positive change. The final go signal for EYUC U20 to happen might be given on short notice, so please prepare yourself for a fast decision.

Current timeline is as follows:

On April 1, EUF will issue a statement with one of two possibilities:

  1. If the situation and outlook allows for it, preparations for EYUC 2021 will continue.

  2. If not, EYUC 2021 will be cancelled or postponed.

On May 1, team fee is due.

As a consequence:

  • No action is required from you before April 1.

  • However, we urge you to use the registration tool and provide team admin information starting February 1. By helping us with this, you facilitate the communication process to all teams and participants.

  • No payments required before May 1 (Team Fee only on May 1)

  • 100% refund of Player Fee up to June 15 in the event of a cancellation due to Corona/Covid-19 or similar. 75% refund from June 16 all the way up to tournament start.

  • Lowered player fee compared to WJUC2020. This will impact the level of service at EYUC. But we feel a slimmed down version of EYUC is important since many are struggling financially all over the continent.

  • Hotel only as accommodation provided by the organizers. The main reason is safety, the other is to recover the value pushed by the hotels from WJUC2020.

In reality we are asking of you – the players, coaches and parents – to prepare for the possibility to restart ultimate late in July 2021. We will continue preparations for EYUC 2021 and keep the door open as long as we possible can. First statement will come no later than April 1.

EYUC U20 is played in the mixed, open and women division. EUF member federation can enter a national team in the open and women divisions. The mixed division is open for any national teams, including non-European. To be allowed to play, a player must be born 2002 or later.

We – EUF and the EYUC U20 TOC – hope all teams, players and coaches are able to work with us to try to make ultimate happen again in a safe and responsible manor, and with a new normal for ultimate.

Stay safe and let's hope for the possibility to meet in Malmö in July.

Mattias Ahlgren

TD, EYUC U20 2021 in Malmö Sweden




  • Start register team contact(s). No commitment to attend


  • EUF decision on EYUC 2021 U20 in Malmö: Cancelled or continuation of plans.

  • If the decision is to continue, EUF will update status on a regular basis.  


  • Team registration deadline

  • Team Fee is due

  • 50% of total hotel accommodation cost is due.

  • No payment required for teams who pre paid accommodation for WJUC 2020. Those teams use the value pushed by the hotels from 2020 to 2021.


  • Full payment of hotel accommodation cost is due for all tems.


  • Player Fee is due


  • Final player roster to be submitted


  • Tournament start. Opening ceremony and opening game.

Fees and cost


All fees to be paid in local currency Krona, (SEK).

Rate is approx €1 = SEK 10.2 (January 2021)



  • SEK 10,000 (approx. € 1,000)


  • SEK 1,000 (approx. € 99)

  • Player fee is mandatory for all players.


  • SEK 850 (approx. € 84)

  • Guest fee is mandatory for all team personnel, but not to parents or fans.


  • No meal included in player fee

  • Free transportation

  • Full accreditation to all venues

  • EUF sanction fee

  • TOC expenses

  • Medical expenses. (Health Insurance is to be covered by Participant and must be confirmed with the EUF participant waiver).

  • Limited liability insurance (provided by the Swedish Sport Assembly for all EYUC U20 Participants, please ask for details).

  • Player Gift

  • Social activities


  • Same as above Player Fee but not EUF Sanctioning Fee or Player Gift


Only Hotel Accommodation is available via the EYUC TOC organisation.

Camping is possible in Malmö, but not as a service provided by the EYUC TOC organisation.

Prices below is if shared and full room. Contact the TOC for a suggestion and details.

  • 4-bed room: SEK 300-345 per person night (approx. € 29-34 pp/night)

  • 3-bed room: SEK 335-365 per person night (approx. € 33-36 pp/night)

  • 2-bed room: SEK 375-395 per person night (approx. € 37-39 pp/night)

  • 1-bed room: SEK 595-650 per person night (approx. € 59-65 pp/night)

Breakfast is included all days.

Pre-paid hotel accommodation for WJUC 2020

  • Teams who pre-paid for hotel accommodation at WJUC 2020 can use this amount at EYUC 2021

  • Contact the TOC for details



Lunch-pack: SEK 480 (approx. € 48)

Dinner-pack: SEK 540 (approx. € 53)

Lunch and dinner pack are six days, Sunday July 18 to Friday July 23.

Single lunch: SEK 110 (approx. € 11)

Single dinner: SEK 130 (approx. € 13)

Breakfast is included for all players choosing the tournament hotel accommodation.




Refund policy in ONLY case of cancellation due to Corona/Covid-19 or similar.


No payment required before May 1

Player/Guest Fee (SEK 1,000 / 850)

  • 100% refund up to June 15

  • 75% refund June 16 - July 17

  • 50% refund after July 17

Team Fee: (SEK 7,500)

  • 90% refund up to June 15

  • 75% refund June 16 - July 17

  • 25% refund if after July 17


  • 50% non refundable

  • 50% refunded up to July 15




  • EYUC U20 is played in the mixed, open and women divisions.  

  • EUF membership nations are eligible to enter a national team each in all divisions.

  • The mixed division is also open for non-European national teams.

  • Player participating must be born 2002 or later.



  • Main Stadium: (Malmö Stadion.) One 20,000+ covered seater with a high quality grass field.

  • Main Venue with satellite fields: (Malmö Stadionområde/Kroksbäcks IP). Two high quality grass fields (including Main Stadium) and one turf field. Satellite fields at Kroksbäcks IP (5 mins walk from Main Venue) are one high quality grass and one turf field.

  • North Venue: Mariedals IP/Hästhagens IP. Two high quality grass fields, including a covered seated stadium and one turf field. North Venue is 15 mins walk or 5 mins by shuttle bus from Main Venue.  

  • East Venue: Rosengårds IP. Two high quality grass fields, including an open air seated stadium and one turf field. East Venue is 15 mins by shuttle bus from Main Venue. 


  • Good Morning Hotel: Located directly at at the Main Venue

  • Malmö Arena Hotel: Located 5 mins by shuttle bus from the Main Venue

  • Comfort Hotel: Located 10 mins by shuttle bus from the Main Venue



Registration for EYUC U20 will be made using the Cup Manager. This is an easy to use full team maintainance solution where you as the team managar will have full overview of the process at all time.

The whole process will take place in Cup Manager – from team registartion, player pack choises, player registrateion, payment over to scheduling and live results. Cup Manager provides easy to use online scheduling and live reporting, plus links to live streamed games. All of these features will be used for EYUC U20. 

Registration for EYUC U20 2020 in Malmö is made here

If you have any questions, please contact the TOC here



Information regarding the Corona pandemic

STATEMENT, 2021-02-01

The safety of our participants during the tournament is our highest priority. It is very important to us that you feel safe registering your team and participating in our tournament.


We work with planning and adjustments of EYUC 2021 to be able to carry out the tournament in accordance with the Swedish Health Agency’s general advice and recommendations, applicable laws and regulations and in accordance with the Swedish Sports Assembly's guidelines and recommendations.

We follow the development and if there are any new decisions or recommendations from the authorities, we will update this information and notify registered teams.


We look forward to welcoming you to Malmö in July 2021. We will do our utmost to be able to carry out the tournament as safely as possible, so you will have a great week with many new ultimate memories.

Further, in case of we are not able to deliver the full event according to the current plans, we have prepared various contingency plans, as outlined below.





We have identified three possible broad scenarios in which we may find ourselves in July 2021 based on different levels of pandemic spread at the time.

Scenario 1: Full delivery of EYUC

Scenario 1 is based on full delivery of EYUC 2021. Scenario 1 is our preferred option.


The development and roll-out of vaccines against COVID19 is moving at a rapid pace, and we are optimistic that vaccination programs will enable us to deliver the full event.


For this reason, at the present time we continue to plan for the event based on Scenario 1, whilst regularly monitoring the situation in Sweden and internationally.


Scenario 2: Restricted delivery of EYUC

Scenario 2 may be relevant if social distancing is still necessary in July 2021. We will deliver actions for social distancing and strict COVID19 hygiene. Events for which this is not feasible will be cancelled.

Advice will be taken from of the Swedish health authorities and police, and local and national governments. Sport events in Sweden was carried out in 2020 under Scenario 2.


Scenario 3: Cancellation or postponement

Scenario 3 is our ‘worst-case scenario’. The health, safety and well-being of everyone participating in EYUC is our highest priority. A cancellation or postponement of EYUC 2021 will be decide by Swedish authorities, the EYUC TOC and/or EUF if we can’t deliver on this priority.


Refunds of team and player fees

If your team choose to cancel your participation, you can cancel your registration with a full refund of player fee and 90% of team fee until 2021-06-15.

What happens if EYUC 2021 is cancelled?

If the authority’s restrictions make it impossible to carry out EYUC 2021, all registered teams will get a refund of both the team and player fees in accordance to the terms stated here.


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